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P.O Box 515 Mansfield
Mansfield 3724
Tel 0409 941 333

The Mt Macedon Log Home is the largest Handcrafted Full Scribed Log Home in Australia to our knowledge.

Here you will find the beginning of the Log shell in our yard right through to the completed stage in our yard and then the disassembly and re-assembly

onto the prepared basement on site.

Pay particular attention to the Handcrafted Log Staircase and the Neck Down Traditional Mortise & Tenon joinery of the Log Truss

Tree-Felling-1.jpg Tree-Felling-2.jpg

Our Log Craftsmen select the logs we need from a Renewable Environmentally Friendly

Pine Plantation, we then fell the selected trees, the trees are then carefully skid into

the loading bay for transportation to our log yard,

then the same team of Craftsmen can use the logs they selected on your house.

Mt-Macedon-1.jpg Mt-Macedon-2.jpg

The start of the first round's of Log Work Three rounds up now

Mt-Macedon-3.jpg Mt-Macedon-4.jpg

Loading the next rounds of Log Work Now assembling the Roof System in the Yard

Stair-1.jpg Stair-4.jpg

Here are the craftsmen working on the Log Staircase

Stair-2.jpg Stair-3.jpg

Placing the Treads and clamping the Stringers in place for fixing

Truss-1.jpg Truss-3.jpg

Here is the Log truss fitted ready for transport to site the second photo shows the Mortise & Tenon work at the Strut where it meets the Log Rafters

Truss-2.jpg Truss-4.jpg

Some close up shots of the fine craftsmanship for the Mortise & Tenon joinery by our skilled employees

Mt-Macedon-5.jpg Mt-Macedon-6.jpg

Completed Log Shell in the Yard Ready For Disassembly

Mt-Macedon-7.jpg Mt-Macedon-8.jpg

Getting ready to load the trailers

Mt-Macedon-9.jpg Mt-Macedon-10.jpg

Finishing Loading and now the first log are laid down on site

Mt-Macedon-11.jpg Mt-Macedon-14.jpg

And we keep stacking the logs for the first day

Mt-Macedon-13.jpg Mt-Macedon-12.jpg

Installing the Log Stair case

Mt-Macedon-17.jpg Mt-Macedon-16.jpg

Mt-Macedon-15.jpg Mt-Macedon-18.jpg

Mt-Macedon-19.jpg Mt-Macedon-20.jpg

Day two we now start loading the upper floor joist and roof system

Mt-Macedon-21.jpg Mt-Macedon-22.jpg

Mt-Macedon-23.jpg Mt-Macedon-24.jpg

Mt-Macedon-25.jpg Mt-Macedon-26.jpg

Mt-Macedon-27.jpg Mt-Macedon-28.jpg

Mt-Macedon-29.jpg Mt-Macedon-30.jpg

Mt-Macedon-32.jpg Mt-Macedon-33.jpg

Mt-Macedon-35.jpg Mt-Macedon-36.jpg

Mt-Macedon-34.jpg Mt-Macedon-31.jpg