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Handcrafted Full Scribed Log Homes

The technique used to build a full scribed log home is the traditional 'Scandinavian Full Scribe Method' using a specific notched corner system, either a Saddle Notch or Round Notch, the lateral part of the logs are scribed together to form an air tight join,this method has been used throughout the world for some 800-1000 years,Great Bear Log Homes are now using the modern method developed by 'Lloyd Beckedorf known as the Double Cut Long Groove System' . If we were able to travel back 600 years in time and bring back an old Norwegian Log Craftsmen with us he would be capable of integrating into a modern log building yard, however just having to adapt to few newer methods and improved modern tools of todays era such as the Chainsaw, this basically means the tools and techniques we use today are the same as what were used 800-1000 years ago

Great Bear Log Homes log craftsmen are highly-skilled and have been hand-crafting log homes for many years. Handcrafting a log home means that the logs

retain their unique 'character' and are 'naturally tapered'. They haven't been milled to conform to a uniform shape and thickness,as is done with Milled or Engineered Log Home styles.


Our handcrafted homes are first built in our log yard where the builders can take advantage of a great selection of logs and heavy equipment to move them.

When logs arrive in our yard, they are stripped of their bark and cleaned with a pressure washer,this aid's in the drying process and eliminate potential blue stain problems.

The next step is integrating these logs into the log work shell. Each log is individually scribed, notched and then fitted into position.


This is where the skill is required, so that the notching of each log is visibly air tight- this scribing technique is nearly a lost art.

Handcrafted log homes have a more natural appearance than milled or engineered logs.

Our handcrafted logs have no milling marks and are full-length, not pieced or butted-together in the wall. Full length logs, means we are able to use logs from 12-16 meters long.